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The Nautilus Legacy

The stunning revelation that his father became none other than the infamous Captain Nemo shakes a young man's world to its foundation.  This fictional memoir recounts his life after a tragic war destroys his family and nearly kills him.  Learning the truth about his father years later compels him to make a difficult choice: will he keep his comfortable but unspectacular middle-class Victorian existence or forsake everything to continue Nemo's work of exploring the seas and aiding the oppressed?

Researched to be true to the spirit of Verne's source novels (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Mysterious Island) and his original ideas, The Nautilus Legacy moves from Europe to America to the depths of the sea and beyond.  In addition to its literary and adventure themes, it is also the very personal story of an insecure man who struggles with the life of his father and their unfinished relationship.

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The Lone Captain

Captain Nemo’s son continues his own tales of adventure in The Lone Captain, a sequel to 2018’s The Nautilus Legacy and the second volume of The Nemo Chronicles. Inspired by the work of Jules Verne and written as a memoir, it will delight readers of the first volume as well as those new to the series.

Against a backdrop of Victorian-era political tensions and advances in science and technology, the Nautilus’ crew venture across the world’s oceans to further their twin missions of science and liberty by exploring shipwrecks, aiding the oppressed, and supporting freedom fighters. But everything changes for Nemo when a shocking naval crisis leads to confrontation with his most dangerous foe yet, a zealot whose actions could alter the international balance of power.

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The Freedom Voyages

Captain Nemo’s son concludes his tales of adventure in The Freedom Voyages, the final volume of The Nemo Chronicles trilogy.
As the Nautilus’ crew roam the seas in pursuit of scientific discovery and opportunities to aid the world’s oppressed, the year 1894 presents them with several unique challenges, including a suspicious new nation, the spiritual father of a failed rebellion, and a secret that could change the course of a coming war.  Join Captain Nemo and his men in their magnificent submarine one more time!.

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